Aluminium Die Casting


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... a single Partner for a complete service


Aluminium Die Casting Aluminium Die Casting
Aluminium Die Casting Aluminium Die Casting

For 45 years La Cibek has been designing and manufacturing Die-Casting Aluminum and Zinc alloy components and it is a highly specialized and professional Partner that can guarantee a complete service starting from the design and construction of the mould, to the Die-Casting and machining required by the customer.


... a company with a long and proven entrepreneurial tradition and innovation

Aluminium Die Casting

Founded in 1968, La Cibek is characterized by continuity and by solidity of values such as: consolidated partnership with customers and suppliers, constant motivation and training of its employees, environmental sustainability of production processes.

In recent years, despite the economic crisis, the Company has chosen to invest in plants, new technologies and new services, ensuring the process continuity and quality to its customers.

... structured and flexible processes

Aluminium Die Casting Aluminium Die Casting
Aluminium Die Casting Aluminium Die Casting

Our ERP system allows the integration of processes and the support of all business activities such as: production planning and Die-Casting control, logistics and inventory, sales, purchasing, general accounting and CRM.

The information system, besides allowing the traceability of the batches, provides in real-time all the information about the order status, throughout the entire business process.

(the pictures above, related to: ERP system scheduling of production processes, dynamic locations management at warehouse, terminals for management and production control and robots for highly-automated production lines).

... internationalized

As part of continuous improvement of the service offered to the customer, La Cibek has made targeted investments that have allowed it to grow both on the domestic market and on International markets.

Currently, the documentation for the design and product characteristics can be provided in English and in German, as a customized service offered by the Company that is now present in International markets with over 50% of turnover.


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  Enterprise Network Group  

A group of specialized suppliers that guarantee a complete service in the aluminum sector, from the design and the engineering of the pieces, to the mould production, to the die-casting and the machining on aluminum die-casting pieces.